Education System for Partner Ecosystems
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Education System for Partner Ecosystems

If you have listened to episodes of Channel Voices podcast before, you might remember one, two, three or maybe even more of our guests mentioning lack of education for the channel industry.

The only viable option people have to learn about partnerships, channel and ecosystems is on the job. If you’re lucky you might get to work with a great mentor but more often you just find yourself being thrown into the deep-end.

The wait for a focused and well structured education system might just have come to an end. Today, I speak with Todd Hussey, the co-founder of SEBSchool and the world-class on-demand, video-based education program designed to enable entire organizations, line-of-business teams, and individual partner professionals to build and grow a partner ecosystem GTM model. It’s the only Education System Designed Around the "Influence - Land - Expand" Partner Ecosystem Framework.

Instructors: Jason Breed, Jay McBain, Gavriella Schuster, Todd Hussey, Brian Leonard.

If you decide to enrol in this program, we would greatly appreciate if you used our SEBSchool affiliate link. It helps us keep the podcast running at no additional cost to you.

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