Unlocking the Potential of Channel Partners with Effective Onboarding
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Unlocking the Potential of Channel Partners with Effective Onboarding

In this episode of Channel Voices, I sit down with Patrick Goedhart, Team Leader Channel Sales at Mimecast, to discuss the key elements of a successful channel partner onboarding strategy. Our guest also shares his experiences in implementing successful channel partner onboarding programs in the past and we dive into common challenges that arise during the onboarding process and best practices for addressing them.

Patrick also shares insights on measuring the success of a channel partner onboarding program and ensuring that partners have the necessary resources and support to be successful.

The importance of training and education in the onboarding process is also discussed, along with steps to build strong and lasting relationships with channel partners while allowing them to operate independently.

We explore the importance of technology's role in the onboarding process, along with our guest's top tips for organizations looking to improve their partner onboarding strategies.

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