Jay McBain Reveals The One Thing He Wish He Knew Before Starting His Channel Career
Channel VoicesDecember 18, 202000:32:3122.38 MB

Jay McBain Reveals The One Thing He Wish He Knew Before Starting His Channel Career

Jay McBain goes back in time to tell us about his career in channel and also reveals the one thing he wish he knew before starting in channel 26 years ago.

The IT Channel is an ever evolving and complex ecosystem. Keeping rules of engagement simple is one of the most important aspects of a channel leader's job. Jay gives an example from the past, where partner organisations had to employ full-time staff to go through vendor's legal small print in order to understand how to earn or generate revenue.

It's not all about the past, definitely listen till the end as Jay explains why it's so exciting to be starting a career in channel today and also gives advice on what you need to know to do so.

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