Unlocking the Power of Partner Ecosystems for Business Growth
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Unlocking the Power of Partner Ecosystems for Business Growth

Unlock the secrets to a thriving sales ecosystem where direct and channel sales don't just coexist, but amplify each other's success. Mike Coleman, the channel chief at First Orion, joins us to share his insights into how a robust partner ecosystem can catapult your market reach to new heights. If you've ever wondered how to foster a harmonious and effective division of labor between direct and channel sales, this conversation with Mike will illuminate the path. We also take a deep dive into First Orion's innovative branded calling technology that's setting the telecom world abuzz, enhancing call center connections and creating a win-win for agents and customers alike.

As we peel back the layers of channel sales strategy, we confront the myths head-on, dispelling the fog around costs and average selling prices. The episode is a masterclass in the scalability of channel models, detailing the timing, balance, and strategic implementation that can redefine your approach to revenue growth. Mike, with his channel expertise, not only demonstrates how First Orion tripled its success through partnerships but also provides a blueprint for when and how to weave a channel strategy into your business fabric. For anyone interested in leveraging partnerships for sales acceleration, or simply curious about branded calling's impact on call center dynamics, this episode packs strategic gems you won't want to miss.

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